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The European Commission released recently a proposal for a regulation on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Though there is still a long process to take place before the regulation is enforced, it will impact Datanomics, i.e. value creation opportunities and competition dynamics related to data and analytics. What would change should the regulation implemented as described? What...

As data is associated with numerous value creation opportunities, protecting them and making sure others cannot access them seems a smart move to control the value capture. Though counter-intuitive at first, there is a clear case for value capture while sharing data. However, sharing doesn’t always mean the same and several options are possible. Why...

Recommendations systems are powerful revenue engines: the better the system, the longer the users stay on the platform or the more the clients spend on the website. But systems are numerous and some perform better than others. In particular, some systems are automated and based on other users behaviours whereas others are more manual and...

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