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Creative processes have been traditionally highly intuition-based, leaving little room for data analysis. However, this changed with the digital transformation of creative industry and companies in this industry made their creative decision process more evidence-based, while retaining the best features of artistic intuition and human creativity. How did this transformation happen? How to leverage the...

From the evolution of business models to the redefinition of market boundaries and organizational structures, digital technologies have a profound impact on corporate strategy. Data are the catalyst of these transformations and we describe 4 ways data shape corporate strategy in the digital age.

When objects are connected, value chains are transformed and new competition battles emerge. New territories are explored and new challengers compete. Who would have predicted the agriculture machine maker John Deere would partner with the satellite launching company SpaceX?

As more and more objects are connected to the internet, real-time data is generated massively. Sensors in smartphones, cars, manufacturing equipments or infrastructures collect data about the product use and its environment. Sent to a cloud server, data are used to predict future events and make better business decisions. How value is created and captured...

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