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Over the last years, numerous reports have highlighted the gap between the promises of value creation associated with AI and the value captured by companies in reality. A recent research has investigated the drivers influencing success of AI initiatives and concludes on 4 drivers which ensure AI influences performance. Interestingly, they are not directly related...

Selling data can be a major revenue opportunity. However, navigating the business ecosystem of data trading is not a catwalk. Which is the best option: monetizing directly or through brokers ? Beyond the revenue opportunity some key strategic considerations are to be analysed for data generators who want to monetize their data.

The European Commission released recently a proposal for a regulation on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Though there is still a long process to take place before the regulation is enforced, it will impact Datanomics, i.e. value creation opportunities and competition dynamics related to data and analytics. What would change should the regulation implemented as described? What...

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